Friday, November 26, 2010

New Release Today: A Summer Rain

Hey folks!

Pop on over to Amira Press today and check out my latest release, A Summer Rain.


Shana Sanders was moving on with her life after the only man she ever loved walked away from her with no explanation. One rainy Chicago afternoon, she's stunned to find him standing at her doorstep begging for forgiveness.

Robert wants her back in his life as he tries to convince her that his departure had nothing to do with his feelings for her but everything to do with his bigoted father and brother.

Can Shana forgive him and recapture the love they shared, or will hatred and ignorance keep them apart forever?


“Why are you standing out there, silly?” Shana asked, holding the door open for Robert in the entryway. “Come on in. I made your favorite, chicken Marsala and mashed potatoes.”

He smiled.

“I can’t stay,” Robert said in an almost inaudible tone. “I just—I wanted to see you.”

“You just got here. Where do you have to go?”

“Shana, I… I can’t really talk about it.”

Shana eyed him curiously. It was obvious there was something amiss.

“What’s wrong, Robert?”

“Nothing. Just trust me, okay? I’ll be back soon.”


“Shana!” Robert exclaimed with mild impatience. He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. Shana noticed the bruised knuckles on his right hand. She thought to inquire about their origin, but pushed the thought from her mind.

“Trust me. I need you to do that for me. Can you?”

Shana backed up and viewed the figure in front of her with confusion. What was he doing?

“Yes?” Robert asked.

“Yes,” Shana said shyly. “But what…?”

Robert cut off her inquiry with a kiss. He wrapped his arms around her waist and squeezed her tight, lingering there as if it would be their last. He rested his forehead on hers and kissed her nose. He finally broke their embrace and turned to leave.

“I love you,” Shana said with an abruptness that made Robert freeze in his tracks.

It was the first time either of them had uttered the words to each other. They spilled forth from Shana and hung in the air like a billowy cloud. She held her breath and waited for his response. After seconds of nothing but silence, the three words that had patiently hung above them seemed to evaporate into a distant memory.

Shana felt chilled at Robert’s lack of response. How could he not say anything? She stood there, vulnerable, wishing he would reciprocate her words. But silence was her answer. She’d wanted to tell him this so many times in the past, but never had the courage. They’d been together for over six months, and tonight, she had decided she was going to say what she had wanted to for so long. But even if he didn’t feel the same, she still deserved a response.

From behind, Shana watched his shoulders hunch. He still hadn’t turned around to face her. The fact that he couldn’t return her glance spoke volumes.

“Robert? You have nothing you want to say?” Her lips trembled at the words. “At all?”

Robert turned and stole a quick glimpse toward her, then looked down to the ground. He was quiet—too quiet. Shana knew he always got that way when he was thinking.

He walked back up to her, as if he had finally figured out what he wanted to say. His eyes widened, and his face looked sad. He leaned in and kissed her on the forehead.

“I have to go. I’m sorry.”

Shana’s eyes welled with tears as she stood aghast at the man in front of her. She wanted to yell and scream, but she couldn’t think of anything to say. No words could convey the anger and hurt welling inside her, so she stood in the doorway, dazed. Soon, all she heard was the thunderous beating of her heart. It was rapid and out of rhythm. Her vision dimmed in slow increments, and soon, everything had gone dark. It wasn’t until his voice broke the silence that she realized her eyes were closed and she felt the sting of hot tears stream down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry,” he said again. She opened her eyes only to see him standing in the doorway looking lost and confused. “I’ll be back, I promise.” He gave her a pained smile and turned out the door.

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